We needed a one stop shop for you to get everything we use in our business. This library will be filled with our favorites that we have found on the world wide web, things we have created and some from online people that we adore.

We believe in the spirit of Karma and community over competition. If you choose to download a guide from one of our partners and fellow social media gurus, please share the love and follow along their journeys. (p.s. you never know what contacts you can make by following, commenting and repeating)

*Full disclosure - some of the links below are affiliates links, meaning, at no cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. We appreciate your support in advance.  

Trello is one of our fav online digital planners, lists and to dos. We are able to share our boards within our team members and they allow us to add or complete on going projects. We also love that we can integrate this with our calendar and get shit done by our deadlines. 

Get Trello Here. 

We strongly believe that planning your year out for your blog, campaigns or sales are vital to your business. For instance, you'll want to get your Christmas specials/campaigns done in July. Because in reality, if you wait till November, it's already too late and who wants to hustle hard around the holidays. 

Download this Editorial Calendar so you can get ahead of the game and make your life a little easier. 


We can't get enough of Convertkit. We've used mailchimp but we needed to get a little more diverse and more control of our emails. There's a slight learning curve but Convertkit sends you emails and videos on how to use their email system. 

Get Convertkit Here. 

Ever wonder how we stay up on our Instagram post? We use Planoly. This app allows us to see our grid before we post, so we can make sure all our photos jive well with each other, and we can plan our post out. It sends us a push notification when it's time to post and we upload ourselves to Instagram. 

Get Planoly Here.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

They say you should pin about 10-20 pins per day! I mean, who has the time? We surely don't so we found this program by Tailwind that allows us to search for pins and schedule them to pin at strategic times. Thank you automation. Plus it gives you suggestions on what to pin as well. 

Get Tailwindapp HERE. 

Squarespace is our preferred website platform. Both Kristen and Toni have been using Squarespace for years. The platform has many different templates to choose from and their drag and drop interface allows you to build your blogging site or website with ease. 

Get Squarespace HERE. 


Online humans can be lazy so creating an exit link in your bio that can help them reach all your content without changing it ever again. Linktree has a free and a paid version. It's easy to use format you can do on the go with your phone. 

Get Linktree HERE.