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Do you struggle to get started on Instagram? 

Don't know how to gain followers and engagement? 

Do you need a quick start guide but not sure where to find it? 

If you said yes to these questions, then lady, you're in the right place. We've struggled, pulled our hair out and cursed the moon (and really anyone in our vacinity) when it came to social media marketing and how to get started. 

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and bribery works 100% of the time, right? Stay till the end of the webinar and you'll have some great photos and a guide to get this party started right. << Yes, we quoted a one hit wonder from the early 2000's!


One of the things we struggled with the most was that we needed a coach or a trainer but we couldn't afford it.

We cater our mentor sessions, Q&A's and guides to start your social media and give you the coach you need. We also make it fun and easy and for entrepreneurs that want to do it all themselves.

Community over competition isn't just a fad phrase. We live and breathe it. 

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