February 2018 Mentor Session - 7 Days to SEO

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When you hear SEO do you curse at everything around you and search for a place to bury your head in the sand? We sure have, and we hear you and understand your frustrations. As humans in today’s world, much of what we do is centered around instant gratification and SEO absolutely does not fit in that category - it’s a damn marathon. But if you play the SEO long game and play it well, it can pay off (without you having to pay out). 

Our goal today is to get you started with SEO early in the year, because no matter what anyone tells you, SEO can take up to a year or longer for you to see any type of results. (We’ve been told by many SEO companies time and time again that patience is key… which means Kristen hates it with every ounce of her being.) We want to share a few things you can do right now to get this baby started and moving in the right direction. 

We’ve put together a 7-day plan to tackle one item each day. It should only take you 20 mins, because we put this easy guide together. After this, check out the how-to video on our membership site under the ‘Plan of Action’ section for more of our tips and tricks with SEO.

Here's a rundown of our live training:

0:00 - Hello
1:00 - Why we started Socially Curated
2:04 - Dates for Q+A
3:19 - Kickstart SEO for 2018
4:02 - Intro to SEO
6:20 - Day 1: Title Tags on your website
13:15 - Day 2: Label images properly
16:26 - Day 3: Keywords + What not to Keyword
19:26 - Day 4: Internal Links
23:32 - Day 5: Content is King
28:23- Day 6: Citations/Directories
30:54 - Day 7: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency
33:40 - Wrap up!!!

Feel free to drop any questions below. We'll be live on February 21 @ 3:30pm MST to answer any questions you may have. 

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