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Branding + Social Media Strategist

curated monthly $47/mo

monthly mentoring subscription to help you brand your business, step up your social media game + plan with ease

do you Struggle with branding + Social Media? 

Well we did too. Curated Monthly is here to help you organize your vision, find your voice + give you clarity to effectively market online.  

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Start or revamp your social media with ease. 

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Get organized so you have more time to run your business

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Gain authentic audience that interacts with your brand 



1. Monthly Live Q&A

We would love to shrink ourselves and be in your pocket at all times but until they invent a machine to do so, we decided to give you live Q+A's with our team every month. Ask all your lingering questions and we'll have the answer (mostly). If we don't we'll find it for you. 



2. Monthly Curated Mentor Sessions

Have you ever taken and online class only to have many many questions after and no one to answer them for you. Each monthly we will do a live training on a social media or brand topic. 20 minutes for Q+A. Which will follow 1 weeks later with our Monthly Live Q+A's. This gives you the chance to follow up on what you learned or to expand on any topic we cover.  

3. Branding + Social Media Guides

We are a little OCD so we love to have checklist and guides to hold our hand every step of the way. Our branding + social media guides will help you get what you need done without having to think about it. You'll get unlimited access to past guides with your membership. 


4. Monthly Curated Action Plans

Need someone to tell you what to do, when to do it? We wished someone had been there at the start of our businesses. So we decided to give you a monthly action plan to put your training into play right away. 



(P.S. you can cancel anytime so why not try us out!)

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One of the things we struggled with the most was that we needed a coach or a trainer but we couldn't afford it. We wanted to make mentor sessions, Q&A's and guides catered to our fellow entrepreneurs that was affordable and we wanted to make sure you're taken care of. Community over competition isn't just a fad phrase. We live and breath it. 

Get Monthly Tips + Tricks to curate your social media 

and freebies to sweeten the pot!