Why We Choose Paper Planners

We're definitely old school on this, but we just can't get rid of our pen and paper. Maybe we just love the look of a handsome journal, the feel of our new Sharpie pens in our fingers, heavy paper, or beautiful, well curated PDF's. (It's probably all the time we spent doodling in high school.) Whatever it is, we just love the feel of pen to paper. We love to pull out our stylized planners when we're talking with someone to be sure we don't miss anything. 

When someone pulls out their phone during a conversation, we don't feel like we're the star of the show, and we're not fully being heard, even though that may be the opposite of what they're thinking or intending.They could be taking digital notes or checking their Insta feed, but when someone pulls out a notebook and pen, you know they are actively listening.They want to fill that blank page in front of them with the words we have to say. They want to bullet point our advice on whatever project we're collaborating on currently. 

Don't get us wrong, with our daily and weekly to dos, projects, and lists, we religiously use our Trello boards to keep track of each other and add deadlines that connect to our calendar so we know who's doing what, when, when, and where.One on one meetings just feel more personal with pen and paper instead of two people on their phones with distractions. 

Here are a few of our favorite products to use the old fashioned way, taking notes, journaling, and paper planners that just hit the spot for us. 

Commit 30 planners

We found this baby while perusing our Instagram feed and fell in love at first sight.The monthly layout gives us insight on our month at a glance, and the weekly layout is vertical. It also has room for notes at the bottom and check list to the side. We also love the sticker book they offer to accompany your Commit 30 planner. And the soft cover lets us take this handy planner anywhere with us in whichever bag we have for the day. 


Inkwell Press Academic Planner

This planner lets us list out our goals each month and also has a classic vertical weekly layout to write down our important events and appointments each day, giving us our week at a glance in a stylish and easy to read format. We find the vertical weekly layout gives us die hard list makers a view of our tasks, what's for dinner, when we're going to the gym, and all the details side by side. 


Socially Curated Social Media Planner Calendar

Total shameless plug, we know. One paper planner that has kept us on our social media game is our very own social media planner. We created a content planner that is FREE and easy to use. This download also gives you the month at a glance of days to celebrate and important days to remember when you're planning out your social media. Download it here


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