Spend Less Time on Your Phone and Grow Your Social Media

How many hours do you spend on social media? We all get sucked into the black hole vacuum called Insta, FB and Tweets. But we do have lives and jobs to balance as well. How do you continue to grow your followings and gain engagement without losing yourself to your social media accounts?

You have to engage yourself.

Take 20 mins a day to work on liking, commenting on others' posts. Don't just leave an emoji thumbs up or one-word comment; be genuine! Leave comments on posts that actually interest you. Stop connecting with people for likes; instead, start connecting with people because you could imagine being good friends or even besties in the future.

Set your timer on your phone.

The easiest way to keep yourself in check is to set your timer on your phone. and don't go over it. Also, schedule your social media time on your calendar. So you remember to do it every day. Take advantage of waiting room hours. At the dentist, doctor or waiting in that long drive through or waiting on hold. 

Try these two tips this week and free yourself from being attached to your phone and be present in your daily life. Bonus, you'll find more time to focus on curating your social media. 


Grow your social media


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