March 2018 Content Calendar


Spring Break and St. Patricks Day all rolled into one month. It’s like the universe is screaming at us to party all month. Sports fans will be sitting at their favorite bars as much as possible watching college teams battle against each other. Queue the Cinderella Story mayhem to make it's debut.  

What's happening?

March Madness begins on March 13th. Prepare to binge watch some major players fight for the yearly prize of Best College Basketball team in America!

National Pi Day. We’re nerding it up on this day and eating a lot of pie to celebrate.

St. Patrick's Day. Need we say more? Slainte!

What the Hashtag? 

Tip#1 Be sure to use hashtags that are appropriate and related to your post. If you are talking about your last wedding, you shouldn’t use #Ireland (unless the wedding was in Ireland). 

Popular March Instagram Hashtags

#stpatricksday2018  #shamrock #leprechaun #green #Ireland #Irish #clover #parade #stpattys #stpatricksparade #stpats #marchmadness #collegebasketball

Days to Remember

March 1st - National Pig Day + Peanut Butter Lover’s Day - Reese's Peanut cups + bacon here we come!
March 3rd - National Anthem Day - Don't let Fergie get you down!
March 4th - Oscar Night - Have you watched all the nominated films yet?
March 6th - Dentist’s Day - They need a day too...
March 8th - International Working Women’s Day - You are amazing + appreciated!
March 11th - Daylight Savings Time - Spring Forward, which means we lose an hour of sleep and gain an hour of light. 
March 12th - Girl Scout Day - Samoas + Thin Mints STAT!
March 14th - National Pi Day - We’ll celebrate with pi, because it’s 3.14.
March 15th - Ides of March, et tu Brute? - watch your backs. 
March 16th - Incredible Kid Day
March 17th - St. Patricks Day, bring on the green beer and Guinness because we’re getting lucky today.
March  20th - First Day of Spring
March  23rd - National Chip + Dip Day
March  28th - Weed appreciation Day
March  29th - National Mom + Pop Business Owners Day
March  30th - Good Friday
March  31st - World Backup Day - Get your computers backed up like a pro. 

Wait for it...

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