Manage Your To-do Lists


You are only one person and as of yet, do not have cloning abilities. Keep your obligations and to do list in check. Take on what you are capable of completing and don't be afraid to say no. 

Is your to-do list out of hand? Does it look like a never-ending grocery list set up to feed a college football team? We know how that goes. We tack on items before we even finish the ones that are on the list. Before you know it, you (and we) are drowning with unfinished tasks, staying up late at night thinking about that damn list and pulling your hair out just to try and get them all off your plate. If this sounds like you, try these quick tips we use to manage to do lists. 

  1. Deadlines are your friend. Schedule them habitually when you create a task, but remember you control your deadlines, don’t let them control you. There’s no need to stack them all in one day. Spread your workout throughout the week. Plan out 1 hour each day to work towards that project. Chunk your time and tasks, so you don't feel the need for an all-nighter. 
  2. Don’t take on more than you can handle. If you feel like you will lose your job because your boss is piling on insurmountable work on you, then maybe it’s time to rethink your position and communicate your struggles. Now we’re not saying you need to quit, but take it to your boss and let them know what you already have on your plate. Be realistic on timeframes to complete each item and that you can’t take more anything on until you get these in check. 
  3. Only put items on your list that need to be done. If picking up coffee or other unimportant tasks are on your list, you may want to say no to those and suggest alternative options. 
  4. Rethink recurring items. If an item keeps recurring on your list, it’s time to write it off completely. If the same thing keeps popping up and doesn’t get checked off, ever. You’ll need to rethink that item or write it off and move on. 
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