Let's talk about...Celebrating Yo Self

As we celebrate holidays and fun times this week, we wanted to talk about celebrating yourself in the mix of your month. In the mix of celebrating others, we often forget that we need to give ourselves a pat on the back and shout out our accomplishments along the way. Our only caution is not to humble brag when you do.  

Take time to give yourself self-promotion on your website. If you're anything like us, we are very much introverts and we shine the light on others to avoid bringing a lot of attention to ourselves. But there's also the inner kids in us who want to share what we've accomplished. Just like when we made that awesome turkey artwork with our handprint in kindergarten that hung on the fridge for years. 

Here are a few reasons to celebrate your wins and milestones...

  1. Talking about it makes your win all the more real. When you say it in your head, no one hears it, but when you speak to someone about it, they get excited for you and in turn, your confidence is boosted. You  receive the encouragement you need to know you're going in the right direction and you start to think about how you can do more and what's next. 
  2. Your wins, however small are the paths to more wins, no matter how big or small. You don't get to the top without starting small at the summit. Think about someone climbing Mt. Everest. Everyone starts at base camp, but not everyone will make it to the summit. Don't be afraid to high five yourself when you have wins - even a small win. 
  3. The act of checking something off your list and moving onto the next one is not only fulfilling, it's a challenge for yourself. You dared to believe you could grow your following to 1000 subscribers, now dare yourself to double, triple, or even 10x it. We make challenges for ourselves all the time because they drive us to do more and be more. If it helps, get a buddy to keep you accountable. (Hint: it's like going to the gym to lose weight. Have someone you check in with on the daily to keep you honest.)

5 Ways to Celebrate Yourself

  1. Give an incentive to your follower to share their accomplishments with a contest. Maybe it's just a free $20 Starbucks card or a FREE sneak peek at your services. 
  2. Send a thank you card to your current clients letting them know you've reached a milestone in the company because of their patronage. Maybe you were able to hire a new employee and you want to thank them for helping you get there. 
  3. Do an Instagram or Facebook live to talk about how you got to that milestone and share your plans for the future. 
  4. Host a small gathering at your favorite local coffee shop to talk about what's going on with your business and theirs or just to say thank you!
  5. Post a social media graphic celebrating your milestone and let your followers know you appreciate their support.Give them a discount code for your products or service as a thank you for their support. 

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