How to Use Planoly to Plan and Post for Instagram

Instagram was first designed to share photos with your followers. Over the years, companies and entrepreneurs have leveraged the power of influencers on Instagram to grow their business. Algorithms have changed, trends have come and gone, and growing a business on Instagram has changed with them. There's one thing that remains the same - Instagram is still all about sharing photos. While not everyone can be a photographer, there are so many learning the art of iphonography to compete for your attention on Instagram. 

We've been using Planoly for some time to plan and strategize our social media content on Instagram. Their layout feature lets us preview our photos in our feed before we post so we can make sure our grid stays on point with our brand flow well with each other. 

Here are some of the reasons why we adore Planoly and recommend it for your Instagram planing. 

  • Planoly has helped us plan ahead and strategize our account weeks + months in advance. 
  • The desktop features a drag and drop platform so you can upload your photos quickly. No need to save them to your phone anymore, or worry about where in the hell your photos are stored to get them in the right app. 
  • Built-in analytics let us know our top 5 posts both for likes and comments. This allows us to see what our audience is organically responding to and create more similar content similar. 
  • The new auto post feature is amaze-balls! It allows us to schedule posts and forget it. No more losing our captions switching between Planoly and Instagram before the post is published. Worried that Instagram will doc you for using a 3rd party to post for you? Well, worry no more. Planoly is a preferred partner with Instagram and currently the only 3rd party app allowed to auto post to Instagram for you. 

Boom! You're welcome for THAT amazing piece of news. 

Better news, they have a FREE version of this app. Yes! we said F-R-E-E.  This allows you to upload 30 photos a month all without charge. Their paid versions gives us more analytics and unlimited uploads. It's like having a social media manager right in your pocket. (Pair it with Socially Curated, you're set!) 

Get Planoly Here!

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