Let's Talk About...SEO

If you're anything like us, you curse at the word SEO. We mean, does anyone even know what it stands for. Well, after giving in and realizing we need to understand SEO to properly marketing ourselves online we did a little digging, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, your website tells google what category to file your website at and then sub categorizes by some of the following: 

  • Your current events and blogs are up to date on your website which tells google that you are active.
  • Your content, tells google how original it is (you're not just copy and pasting from someone else's site).
  • Your traffic tells google that people really love what you have to say. 

Here's the thing with our research, SEO is a long game and if you want to play you have to learn to jog cross country rather than sprint 100 yards. You're not trying to be Husain Bolt, you want to be the turtle that paces himself and has patients to get where he's going. 

You can pay for ads and google adwords, but for the long haul, you're best bet is to put monthly habits into play for your website. Ads can get spendy and once you stop paying for ads, your traffic disappears. So unless you're willing to pay a large amount of money each month, it may not be worth it for the everyday solopreneur, blogger or small business. 

What's the number one thing you can do today to help get this going in the right direction? 

Each page of your website or blog serves a purpose and each pages need to be labeled to quickly and obviously show [Google] that purpose. Title tags are THE key to tell Google where and how to "file" your web pages. This will boost your visibility in searches relating to the words that are included in your title tags. "Homepage" is not a good title tag, instead, a good title tag for your homepage would include your location and what you do or what your website is about in a concise sentence.  

For example, if you’re an artisan bread maker in Seattle, you could tag your homepage with “Seattle Organic Artisan Bread Maker". If you’re a photographer, you could tag your homepage with “Boise, Idaho Portrait Photographer.”

Choose Settings then click on SEO.

In the SEARCH ENGINE DESCRIPTION You’ll want to add a short one sentence on what it is that you do. 

Under the PAGE TITLE FORMAT. This section explains to google where to file your pages. For instance, our title would be social media blog (<< that’s what we do) and then our company, Socially Curated. 
Under the HOMEPAGE TITLE FORMAT This is where you would index your website as a whole. Brand + Social Media Guides is what we offer so we would want to use that as our homepage title. 

We don’t work in Wordpress but we wanted to make sure those of you that have Wordpress know how to change or update your title tags. We found this video that helps you step by step. 

To change your Homepage title tag follow these instructions. 
1. Log in to your WordPress website admin dashboard. Click SETTINGS in the left menu and select GENERAL. The site title is at the top of this page.
2. Highlight the text in the SITE TITLE text field and press DELETE. Type a new title in the text field.

Here's an excerpt from our monthly training we went over with our members. If you are interested in joining us in all this fun, click here to find out more. 

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