How To Keep Your Momentum Strong Through 2018

Right about now is when we start to lose momentum on the goals we committed to on New Year's Day. We’ve relied heavily on our adrenaline and anticipation to keep us going, but adrenaline anticipation have a damn short shelf life. So we have to take a step back to reflect on what to do to keep the mojo flowing and not throw in the towel? We’ve realized one of two things happens: we admit defeat and decide to move in another direction; or we admit defeat and keep pushing through because we know failure and defeat are not final. With this in mind, here are three of our favorite tried and true things to do when we feel our momentum slipping. 


3 Things to do to keep your momentum strong in 2018


  1. RE-EVALUATE YOUR LIST. Our favorite and perhaps most needed tactic to keep our momentum is to reflect  and separate fantasies from attainable dreams. It’s possible we may be known to write down some ridiculously pie-in-the-sky dreams in hopes of morphing them into realities. (Like meeting Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural and get to guest-star in an episode.) As much as we want to believe that will happen even if we write it down and look at it everyday, unless we’re actively studying to be an actor, it’s all fantasy. Look at your list. Cross out your fantasies, and keep your dreams. If your dream is to lose 20lbs by summer, make a plan with actionable steps broken down with dates. With hard work and consistency, we know you’ll reach it easily. Once you hit a roadblock or fall off the wagon (it’s going to happen), gaining your momentum again can be hard. Give yourself grace and use all your grit to keep yourself moving, because that's what makes you stronger.. Even if you've had a bad week, get up and try, try again. You’ll get there! - And drop us a line when you do!
  2. REMIND YOURSELF EVERY DAY! Seriously, EVERYDAY! We love using dry erase pens on our mirror to keep our goals in front of us. We see it everyday and keep our top priority goals fresh on our minds. While we’re getting ready for the day, we’re processing and planning out what we can do today to move us towards our goal. Can we write the blog we've had in our head? Can we do New exercises to lose weight? Can we start planning our next class? Whatever it is, working towards your goal, even if it's just 10 minuetes a day, will get you ten minutes closer to it. Before you know, your goals will be getting checked off one by one. 
  3. GOAL PARTY! Yep, we did it! We gave you a reason to have a party. Celebrating your wins doesn't mean you're arrogant or a DB. It means you’re recognizing that you have accomplished something you set out to do. Get your closest friends together with Boise Brewing’s Snow Boarder Porter and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. 

BONUS: Download this goal sheet that makes it super easy to write down what you want to accomplish and then break them into actionable steps. Give yourself deadlines so you stay on track. (You could even email your goal + actions it to your bestie to help you stay focused and accountable.)

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