Fav Five Friday: 5 Podcasts to Grow Your Business and Inspire You


Pouring all of ourselves into launching this business and our membership service left us feeling like all our creative energy had been sucked dry. During this time, we’ve been too slammed between work and life to hit the books as much as we normally do... sad face! We realized that we could easily fill the void of losing our reading time with podcasts while driving to meetings or running our kids to their various activities. They have saved us... but starting was a bit overwhelming... seriously, with a list as vast as the podcast app boasts... where the hell do you even start? 

We quickly and easily began to weed out our favorites by trying a bunch, and relying on suggestions from friends and fellow entrepreneurs and the podcast app suggestions. We’ve compiled our fav 5 podcasts (that we love so far) to inspire, teach and entertain you on your next commute to work, roadtrip or just running across town to your next meeting. 

The Gary Vee Audio Experience by Gary Vaynerchuk has been an eye opener and much needed advice from a guy who's been there, done that and continues to strive for more. Gary speaks to your hearts and doesn't soften up the hard truths - he does speak incredibly truthfully and is explicit in his verbiage. 

The Chase Jarvis Live Show is a killer mix of real life advice from experiences of real entrepreneurs and motivational inspiration to hit the ground running...like yesterday. Chase is a well rounded interviewer who has a knack for asking questions that always dig deeper and cause us to be real with ourselves and where we could be if we made even small changes right now. 

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso is wonderfully entertaining and wakes up the ladyboss inside of us. Listening to this first thing Wednesday mornings when it drops each week is our favorite way to start our hump days. We love their guest speakers who are all powerful and successful women who call it like it is. 

The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher inspires us, revives our spirit, and encourages us to dive deeper with our dreams and strive to be better people. We love listening to her first thing in the morning to ground our spirits, kickstart our inner bosses and start our creative and productive day. 

The Strategy Hour by Think Creative Collective has been our go to for new strategies, social media maintenance, and work from home advice. These gals bring their authentic selves to the table with no holds barred. They push us to define and strive for higher goals and to sit down and really commit where we want take our business. 

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