February 2018 Content Calendar


Ahh, February. A month of love and mountains of chocolates. (YAAAAASSSS!) 

This month along with showing our besties and partners that we love them, we're also turning it around and practicing self-love daily. This rising trend has us reflecting on how much time we spend working and how to make changes to be sure we're making ourselves priorities. Stay tuned for more on how we're working on changing our work-a-holic habits and putting ourselves at the top of our to-do lists.

What's happening?

  • The Eagles will be facing off with the Patriots in the 52nd Superbowl on Sunday, February 4th.
  • A week of celebrations with Valentine's Day on the 14th and Fat Tuesday on the 13th. Love is in the air. How are you celebrating your loves - ahem, or Fat Tuesday?

What the hashtag? 

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Days to Remember

February 1st - No Politics Day - and we mean it lady!
February 2nd - Ground Hog's Day - We're taking bets the Punxsatawney Phil doesn't see his shadow (check out his twitter @punxsatawney+phil for the final ruling).
February 3rd - Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day - You don't have to tell us twice... here's to Mint + Chip AND Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough first thing in the am.
February 4th - Superbowl Sunday. Eagle vs Patriots. Who will take the 52nd Championship... and who's just going to the parties for the beer + wings?
February 5th - World Nutella Day
February 6th - National Chopsticks Day - We're gonna celebrate with big bowls of pho for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
February 8th - Kite Flying Day
February 9th - National Read in the Bathtub Day - No excuses - grab that novel, wine, and candle and draw that bath. 
February 10th - Umbrella Day
February 11th - Make a Friend Day - You never know, your new bestie could be right around the corner. 
February 12th - Clean Your Computer Day - Eww. Just eww.
February 13th - Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday - Celebrate with some beads - even if you're not in the French Quarter.
February 14th - Cupid Strikes - Valentine's Day - Remember to treat yourself too!
February 15th - Susan B. Anthony Day
February 16th - Chinese New Year Begins - Get ready for the year of the Dog to begin.
February 17th - Random Acts of Kindness Day
February 18th - National Drink Wine Day
February 19th- President's Day - Dig into a good historical book - or podcast for a quick civics lesson. 
February 20th - Cherry Pie Day
February 21st - Card Reading Day
February 22nd - Margarita Day - We'll be over here dreaming we're on a Mexican beach. 
February 23rd - Tennis Day
February 24th - National Tortilla Chip Day - Bring on the queso dip! 
February 26th - National Pistachio Day
February 27th - Polar Bear Day - They're cute and fluffy, and losing their habitat. Find a way you can raise awareness. 

Wait for it...

We've created an easy to use content calendar along with a guide to creating your own social media content for the month. Plus some bonuses with an Iphone and Ipad wallpaper for you to decorate the shit out of your tech. Click below to download! 


Download Ipad Wallpaper Here. The image will open in a new window first, to save to your desktop: Click FILE > select “Save As”

Download Iphone Wallpaper Here. The image will open in a new window first, to save to your desktop: Click FILE > select “Save As”