Fave Five Fridays | 5 Apps Every Blogger should have

We all need a little help here and there to accomplish all we set out to - and when we have the right tools in our hands, we can accomplish almost anything. In this case, we've listed our fave apps we think every blogger and social media user ought to have in their arsenal. You won't find our phones without each and every single one of these apps. 

*Full disclosure - some of the links below are affiliates links, meaning, at no cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. We appreciate your support in advance.  



Trello is one of our fave online project manager, list and to-do apps. We are able to share our boards with our team members and create our own personal ones to keep our worlds on track. We really love the seamless integration with our calendars and stay ahead of our deadlines. 

Get Trello Here. 

Word Swag

This little gem was a gold mine of a find for us. We can create captions in a jiffy with our phones and upload to our social media quickly and easily. The feature we love most is the capability to add our logo to keep our quotes consistent and on brand. AND you can add photos! We'd suggest getting the paid version ($4.99) to unlock all the custom features in this app. 

Get Wordswag Here.


Ever wonder how we stay up on top of our Instagram game? We use (+ live by) Planoly. This app allows us to see our grid before we post, so we can make sure all our photos flow well each other, and we can plan our post out months in advance. It sends us push notifications when it's time to post (if it hasn't already auto posted) and we upload seamlessly to Instagram. 

Get Planoly Here.



We're human and we get lazy with everything being so instant online - so creating an exit link in your bio that can help your audience access all your content without changing it ever again. Linktree has free and paid versions. It's easy to format you can do it quickly on the go with your phone. 

Get Linktree HERE.


Google Drive

Google Drive syncs across all your devices and allows easy access to your files, photos and more. It automatically saves so no worries about whether you clicked "save" before moving onto the next to do on your list. We can collaborate with our team and see who's working on what - or made edits. No more wondering if the newest version was uploaded or not. We use this for our blog posts, social media content, and email copies. 

Get Google Drive Here.