Fave Five Friday: 5 TED Talks to Inspire & Excite You

The power of video combined with the creators, entertainers, designers, and dreamers give us the infinite collection of TED talks we love to turn to when we need to learn, be inspired, or are yearning to be opened up more to our world. These are the five TED talks we’ve been watching and sharing with each other lately. We love them, and know you will too! (Besides, we always find ourselves armed with killer conversation starters after watching any TED talk.)

Susan Cain is the author of Quiet. A book that helps us understand introverts and helps introverts understand their power to inspire the world with their talents without having to be extroverted. 

Tim Urban is known as the Master Procrastinator and gives us insights into the inner workings of his mind. We love his humor and how he teaches us why the procastination brain is real. 

Vanessa Van Edwards talks about how some TED Talks go viral and some don't, helping us understand human behavior better. We love the idea of contagious behaviors. No, no. Not the contagious as when you need a full body protective suit to be around people. We’re talking being contagious = meaningful conversations. 

Raise your hand if you struggle with storytelling! Storytelling is a powerful tool that you can have in your marketing arsenal. But for some of us natural storytelling doesn't come easily. Watch this TED Talk and understand the science behind mastering stories with David JP Phillips. 

This talk is a bit longer than the usual 15-20 minutes, but we can't help but be intrigued and amazed by Elon Musk. He took “The Sky’s the Limit” literally. Did y’all see the car he launched into space recently? You can check out the live feed from the car here. We love his sense of wonder and curiosity, and his take on the future of our world. 

Toni OsmundsonComment