Fave Five Friday: 5 Books to Fuel Your Passion

We search for inspiration from those around us, podcasts, webinars and books. While we stretch ourselves to the max most days, we always find 10-15 minutes a day to read. Whether it's in the car waiting to pick up our kiddos, waiting to start a meeting or conference call, or even while we're curling our hair, because let's be real, that takes for-ever, we make sure to get in a daily reading session. 

The average SEO of a company reads 12 books a year. That's 1 book per month. If you break down a 400 page book and read 14 pages a day, you’d finish reading a book each month. If you're a rockstar and can find 30 minutes a day, you can conquer two books in a month. 

To get you started, we compiled our fave 5 books that will inspire and fuel your passion as an entrepreneur, blogger, lady boss or work at home mama. 

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Healthy Happy You

found at Anthropologie for $14.95

This book gives you small everyday tasks to do while working towards a healthy, happy life. The tasks are simple and range from prepping your week ahead on Friday so when Monday hits, you don't feel overwhelmed with everything all over again, to making your bed each morning. These small changes can have huge impacts on your life. Self-care is the #1 thing you can do to make your goals and passions attainable. Your work is a reflection of your life. So make these small changes in increments to take care of yourself, then fueling your business to reach the next level. 


The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck**

found on Amazon for $10.44

Have you ever been stuck on an old boyfriend or even a friend who had a habit of taking advantage of you, or let someone who has no positive impact on your life linger in your mind? Well, this book tells you exactly how to get over it... and them. It also has great insights on how certain situations, people or things can linger with you - and not in a good way. Reading through this book will help you change your mindset and move forward in your life so you can fuel your passion with all your energy. 



found on Amazon for $11.55

Leadership is a must even if you are a solopreneur team of 1. Learning to find that spark to raise your product or service to the next level is a skill every entrepreneur should learn. This book shows you that leaders are not born, they are made through their actions, commitments and sheer will. 


Creativity Inc. 

found on Amazon for $20.99

A must on every entrepreneur, blogger or boss lady (or man)'s shelf. This book helps you recognize the creative process and how every business or major company needs to integrate creativity into their systems and processes for ultimate success. We love that the examples are illustrated through stories about the creators and leaders responsible for some of our favorite Disney stories.


The Next Big Thing

found on Amazon for $16.81

More of a journal rather than a book, this read gives you room to write out your next big projects and provides inspiring quotes + motivationalong the way. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge from someone we don't know so we can let go of insecurities and make the run towards our passions. 

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