Curate + Imbibe | Community over Competition

Why we live by the Rising Tide's Society mantra "Community over Competition" and what it means to us.

We recently had an experience where we were forced to remember why we decided to become entrepreneurs and work from home moms. The corporate sector is cutthroat and a dog-eat-dog world. Companies vying to outsell and take down their competitors while always pushing for more. The end goal of the corporate world being: number 1 and destroy your competition simultaneously.


There are others - lots of them in fact - who've left their corporate jobs to become entrepreneurs in many different areas of the market, but their transition did not include ditching their corporate mindset. Before we found the Rising Tide Society, we'd seen first hand what it was like owning our own businesses in an environment where nobody wanted to share, collaborate, or help each other. We were trying to learn from the best only to be shut down because they were so guarded, which in turn made us guarded - for a time.  

But...we knew we wanted to change our mindset, and there had to be others out there like us. Once we started looking, we began to see a world of giving within this amazing group of entrepreneurs, bloggers, business owners and creatives. We saw a shift towards community over competition - secrets that were held onto and guarded so tightly started to be shared freely. We dove right into this group and found a new way of living and creating that we're enamored with. 


We began Socially Curated to give back to this world and community that's given us so much and to share with anyone who wants to start and build their own empire in their corner of the world. Together, growing and building one another up is the only way we want to make it in this world.  And hell, thinking about sticking it to the 'corporate man' who dies a little inside as he reads his morning newspaper and hears of another creative startup killing it because of community over competition.

So here's to all the entrepreneurs, side hustlers, bloggers, creatives and everyone in between who are looking for a place to collaborate, share, and raise everyone up - oh heyyy - we're here too.  

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