4 Ted Talks to to Watch this Fall That Are Inspiring and Rewarding

The temperature has dropped and if you're like us, you're looking to cuddle up on the couch with a warm blanket, a steaming hot pumpkin spiced latte, (did we mention our obsession), and a good inspirational video. 

Bears are not the only ones who hibernate in the fall. Our bodies start to go into winter mode as soon as Fall hits; storing energy and warmth where it can. The cloudy and gloomy days make it easy for us to forget we still have a butt load of shit to do with our business, marketing and social media. Instead, all we want is Netflix and warm cocoa. 

Here are 5 ted talks that will keep you thinking, on your toes, and inspire you to do more, be more, and get shit done. 


Model Cameron Russell gets personal and discusses that there’s a fine line between what you look like and how society views you.

The wonderful Sheryl Sandberg digs deep into women in leadership rolls or the lack thereof. 

Yes! Monica Lewinsky talks about the price of shame. What you do, what you post on social media and your career choice can be rewarding or can have dire consequences. And she, of all people would know that fall from a shameful event.

No no! Shame is not only for Cersai Lanister. Brene Brown talks about listening to your shame and confronting it. You’ll be surprised how this small exercise can get you out of your shell and grow as a business woman, entrepreneur or mom boss.