Finding Time For Yourself in the Crazy

January 1st came and went in a flash. We hit the ground running and then we tapered off; feeling like we were moving at the pace of a snail by the first week of February. Leaving us wondering what the hell happened to January? How is it almost Valentine's Day? We know all too well what it's like to fall behind under the piles of crazy that make up our lives, and we get the same feelings as you in response. Some days it’s all we can do to not sit in our leggings + oversized sweaters and binge watch season 12 of Supernatural on Netflix. But a wise man once told us, (well he didn't say it directly to us,  we’re pretty sure it was a podcast, and he’s not old...) 

If you want to succeed, get off the fucking couch and turn off the TV. - Gary Vee

While we still love our Netflix binging watching days, we keep them few and far between because we know to be successful, we still have to stay focused on the tasks at hand. BUT we know that sometimes, we need to find time for ourselves in all the crazy encompassing us. 

Here are 3 tips to find time for yourself in the crazy and still get shit done. 

  1. Schedule your Neftlix binge watching times. Don't get sucked in episode after episode. Make time to watch 2, 3 or even 4 episodes each week. (If you've finished a whole season in one week, you may need to cut back.) 
  2. If your goal is to hit the gym, read more or write more. Then make AND schedule time to do just that. Literally, make the time + put it in your calendar. Find time by getting up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later to do more to accomplish your goals. 
  3. It's about time to re-evaluate and reflect on your new year's resolutions/goals for 2018. We wrote a blog to help you break it down into actionable steps and stay committed. Read it here >>  How to Set Goals You'll Actually Achieve then download the 2018 Resolution Goal Sheet AND fill it out! Nothing says you have a goal to complete by reminding yourself of that goal. Keep it in a place you’ll see it on the daily - like your desk or tacked to a bulliten board.

Finding time for yourself isn't selfish and being busy is not a badge of honor. Stop guilting yourself into putting yourself last in your day because you’re so afraid someone else will suffer. In order for you to succeed, YOU must come first in certain aspects of your life. Once you put yourself at the top of your list you’ll be amazed! You'll start to feel energetic, committed, and more determined and driven than ever. 

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