Clean your desk off and Watch your focus enhance


When you're working from home, it's easy to get in the habit of leaving everything on your desk after you call it quits for the day. You say to yourself "I'll get to it in the morning." When in reality, it never gets touched, things pile on and nothing gets filed. You wake up the next day feeling unaccomplished. And it drags on because you have to stare at the mess and things to do that keep piling on. 

I know what you are thinking. Thanks for the tip mom. But, take it from us, this little act of just cleaning off your desk evening will help you relax and get to work the next morning. When I worked as a receptionist at a law firm, I had no choice but to clean off my desk each night. The bosses didn't want to walk into a messy desk and they didn't want clients to see it either. So, that's fair. 

Every night I would clean off my desk with disdain and every morning I would come to work tired. After some time of doing this, it became a habit. Then I realized that it saved me so much time in the morning. I would walk in, make coffee, turn my computer on and get to work. I didn't have a thought about where everything was because I remember where I had set it the night before. I filed things away that I didn't need and I prioritized my to-do list for the next morning. 


Toni is the co-founder and Director of Editorial Content for Socially Curated. In her spare time, she loves to photographer her family and travels. You can find her working on in a coffee shops or a local bar curating her personal work here.