Social Media Entrepreneurs – Instagram Tip: Comment, Like, Repeat

Comment, like, and repeat. ALWAYS.

The Socially Curated team is stoked to bring your weekly dose of Social Media Tips. (We promise, they go down smoother than with a spoonful of sugar.) We’ll be the first to admit, trying to manage everything as we’ve grown as entrepreneurs have not been easy. We spent countless hours scouring the internet for ways to become more efficient and grow our social media followers. We searched for the easy way to gain followers and increase engagement. We became frustrated and jealous of  Instagram-ers and Facebook-ers garnering over 100 thousand likes and real engagement with real users. After stalking our favorite social media gurus and endless amounts of coffee, we found one commonality between them that made them the social media entrepreneurs with a loyal tribe of followers they are today.

It’s SO simple!

Wait for it…

 …they consistently commented and liked other posts.

Instagram and Facebook algorithms are built around ensuring real people are using their platforms. Genuine comments paired with likes on posts not only plays to the programming of each platform, but it also shows your audience you are a real person and you genuinely care about what they are saying. (Let’s be real, we all love having friends who truly care about us – social media is no different.) All social media entrepreneurs want you to notice them, appreciate them, and hear them.  The more attention you give them, the more they will notice your brand and follow your work. Think about it. If you went to a live networking event and stood in the corner, speaking to no one (your wine and cheese plate don’t count,) no one would know anything about you and no one would talk about you. (We’ve been there. Done that.) Social media channels work in the exact same capacity. You can have an account, but if all you do is post, no one will notice you are even alive, and they sure won’t listen to what you’re trying to add to the conversation.

Check out our prescription to organically grow your social media tribe below.

Simple Action Plan:

Dedicate at least 20 minutes per day commenting on four people who you don’t currently follow and four you do follow. (Make sure you’re taking care to pay attention to those who follow and comment on your posts too.)

Take It To The Next Level:

Spend 30 minutes per day commenting on 10 people you don’t currently follow and 10 people you do.

Watch your organic engagement and number of followers begin to increase. We recommend keeping track of your stats for a week. It’s encouraging and helps you maintain momentum through the process. (You can do this the old fashioned way with pen and paper, or use a program such as Planoly which also helps you pre-visualize your grid so you’re staying consistent in your branding. You’ll also see that you will start attracting your ideal client. [Coming soon! – Stay tuned for posts on branding your social media and your ideal client.]

Instagram-ers we love who are doing this on the daily.

@jasminestar does all of this exceptionally well. She receives organic engagement, all while attracting her ideal client and growing a loyal tribe. She is 100% authentic in her branding to attract social media entrepreneurs and her grid of photos make us swoon on a daily basis.

@shynnz This down to earth mama has no shortage of engaged followers. The attention she pays to her followers is authentic and felt by all. We love her on point style, reminding us all that social media entrepreneurs on Instagram are real moms in the thick of it too.

@olive.eeeats We adore her because she consistently makes our bellies rumble. She engages with her fellow Instagram-ers consistently, and she has a knack for making us crave healthy and delicious food.

@lauren_krysti Lauren adores her followers and fans and she shows it. She delivers a fluid brand style with great colors and makes everyone she encounters on social media feel like a star.

Do you have a favorite trick on social media you’re dying to share? Leave a comment below so we can get in on all the action.